was established to achieve 2 main goals:

  • To provide high quality standard of care to all of our patients.
  • To create awareness through education to patients and public alike on spinal healthcare through the understanding of the body physiology and biology as well as to provide treatment and management of all types of spine conditions

BackUp is supported by dynamic team to meet each individual’s health concerns. In BackUp, we have a team of consisting of Chiropractors and Therapists to help our patients obtain the best treatment care and management that suits their individual needs. 

In our centre, we understand that each patient is unique. In most cases, the causes of pain and problems of our human body are often complicated and may involve multiple factors, such as injury, bad lifestyle, habits, aging or a combination of all the above. These complications can often cause pain and hindrance to our normal lifestyle, inhibiting us in performing at our optimal best.

What We Do Best: Treat & Manage

For every pain, there is a cause. Pain is not usually the cause, it is a symptom, it is an indicator that something is wrong in your body. Our body has the ability to tolerate problems and adapt. When your body can no longer endure with the health challenges, it will expresses pain. However, there are many conditions and diseases that has no symptoms at all. No pain does not mean no problem.

It is therefore important to diagnose the underlying cause of pain or conditions you are experiencing to ascertain the right treatment for the root of the problem. Until the correct diagnosis is determined, it is often difficult to treat and manage the condition effectively. This is why, obtaining the correct diagnosis is important!

In BackUp, we pride ourselves with our dedicated team to conduct a comprehensive differential diagnosis of your problem. This allows the appropriate treatment for an effective outcome and recovery to be administered. Most importantly, our objectives is to help you regain your health back, and doing what you do best. Living your life to the fullest!

Our Mission: to restore what was lost, to regain back what was rightful yours. And to live life to the best of one’s potential. “Your health, Your Spine”.

BackUp provides the best treatment and quality care to all patients and strives to help every individual achieve his / her optimal health naturally.

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