Every new patient that arrives at BackUp clinic, will be warmly welcomed by our friendly staff to be a part of our new family member.

What to expect during your first few visits to our clinic?

Patient Form


Upon your first visit, a health form and questionnaire will be given to you. Please fill out the form and answer all the questions regarding your complaint, health and condition to the best of your ability and recollection.

A brief survey and questionnaires about your health history will be ascertained. This information is useful for our doctors and practitioners during consultation, to obtain a general overview of your overall health condition.

Posture Picture-Bilateral Weight and Height Measurement-System Review

After you have filled out our patient form, our staff will take your posture picture, record your weight and your height, as well as generalized health assessment and system review.



An initial consultation will be conducted by our doctors to understand your health condition, concerns, to ascertain the specific source of the underlying problem so the corrective treatment can be administered.



Several clinical examination and assessment will be conducted by our doctor to detect your nerve sensitivity and other neurological examination.

X-Ray and MRI


During the first visit, depending on your presenting complaint, our doctors may refer the patient for a full spine x-ray. Depending on each individual condition, the doctor might suggest other tests such as MRI, CT Scan, or Blood Test.

Report of Finding


On your second visit, our doctor will report the findings of your tests and compare it to your initial consultation and examination. Our doctor will then prescribe the appropriate treatment based on your findings.

Make An Appointment

For appointments or any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us via:.